El llanto de la maleta (polish)

El llanto de la maleta
La historia de dos hermanas separadas por el nazismo

the story of two sisters separated by Nazism

Author: David Serrano Blanquer

First print: January de 2016

Reading a novel by Modiano during a flight from Montevideo to Barcelona inspires the narrator to investigate the life of two sisters marked by Nazism. Giza was born in the Warsaw ghetto and survived as she was clandestinely taken out inside a suitcase and handed over to Danusia’s family. The 16 years old Danusia took care of her new, seriously-ill sister, while also fighting heroically against the Nazis in the resistance movement.

After the war Giza was taken away from Danusia and her family, having just received the information of the death of her biological parents in Auschwitz and Treblinka. Giza and Danusia could never forget each other and never assume the absence.

The novel is conceived as an investigation which progresses in the rhythm of interviews and documents which reveal the fears, the loss, the silences and the continuous struggle to recover the lost sister.