Title: Un cadáver en el espejo
La odisea de Juan Camacho: Gádor, Mauthausen, Montevideo

Author: David Serrano Blanquer

Prologue: Manuel Costa Fernández,
Ángel del Río Sánchez

First print: December 2010

Published by: Fundació Ars

Juan Camacho Ferrer (1919 – 2009) is an exceptional figure among the exiled Spanish republicans, an Andalusian who experienced all the greatest dramas of the 20th century: Emigration to France, return to Catalunya, the Spanish Civil War, the French camps, fighting against Hitler’s Germany and the deportation to the Nazi camps, all of that before his definitive exile in the Río de la Plata – first in Argentina and then in Uruguay.

Combining anecdotes and intimate testimony with ethical and philosophical reflection, ‘Un cadáver en el espejo’ is more than just Juan Camacho’s biography.

David Serrano Blanquer goes deep into the world of concentration camps and recovers the emotional part of the testimony in order to capture, apart from the verbal language, the silence and the emotions of the deportation of the republicans to the Nazi camps, which is already a part of the democratic heritage.


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