Title: Morir a Euskadi 1938 – 1940

Author: José Angel Etxaniz, Vicente del Palacio Sánchez, David Serrano Blanquer

Prologue: Javier Rodrigo

First print: April 2006

Published by: Fundació Ars

‘Morir a Euskadi’ (To die in the Basque Country) is a thrilling documentary, a small sample in the form of a rigorous historiographical contribution with the intention of recovering the memory of our recent history; once more it is the result of initiatives from the civil society (Gerkazarra and CILEC) instead of the democratic institutions, which only recently started to exert pressure in order to shed some light on the brutal repression that the republicans and the more or less committed democrats were submitted to by the Francoist regime.

This list is also a first class document which provides names and surnames in a certain situation and context, a document that provides some peace to the families of the victims. It gives an idea about the magnitude of the tragedy which we will perhaps never know to its full extent.